• 101.01 Synergy means behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of their parts taken separately.
  • 102.00 Synergy means behavior of integral, aggregate, whole systems unpredicted by behaviors of any of their components or subassemblies of their components taken separately from the whole.
  • 962.40 Synergetic geometry embraces all the qualities of experience, all aspects of being.

- R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics

"Synergetics, in the broadest terms, is the study of spatial complexity, and as such is an inherently comprehensive discipline. ... Experience with synergetics encourages a new way of approaching and solving problems. Its emphasis on visual and spatial phenomena combined with Fuller's holistic approach fosters the kind of lateral thinking which so often leads to creative breakthroughs."

- Amy Edmondson, A Fuller Explanation, 1987

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    To develop a BIM model suitable for and compatible to Design, Energy simulation and Computer Aided Facility Management CAFM for UCC's ERI Building.

    Start Date:  16-Oct-2015 (see course Calendar for lecture times in your timezone)

    Teacher:  Prof. Andrej Tibaut, PhD, University of Maribor, Slovenia
    UCC-Liaison to Prof. Tibaut: Ms. Marguerite Reardon, UCC, Ireland

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